To Dance With the White Dog

To Dance with the White Dog is Terry Kay's stunning and unforgettable fourth novel.  It is a gentle, moving story about an old man's rite of passage, about family ties and the universal experience of grieving for a lost love.  At the heart of the book is a mysterious white dog which appears after Sam Peek's beloved wife has died and stays with him until just before his own death.

Story dog or phantom?  To Sam, the dog is a guardian angel that bridges his final years with warmth and comfort.  Sam Peek and his white dog will leap from the page into the reader's heart instantly.  And the ending of the book is touching, amazing, and delightful all in one.

"Terry Kay is a perfect writer for those who love to read.  His prose contains music and passion and fire.  His work is tender and heartbreaking and memorable.  Kay's  To Dance With the White Dog is a sensitive portrait - a love/grief story - of a man's final rite of passage, much in the style of Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea.  Yet, Kay gives us his old man - Sam Peek - with such clarity and familiarity that the story does not belong wholly to him, but to us as well.  And that is what writing is supposed to accomplish.  All of us long to understand what Sam Peek understood.  All of us want to 'dance with the white dog.'" 
-Pat Conroy