After Eli

After Eli is the story of three women who encounter the most formidable of dangers ---an enchanting man. Though strangers are rare in the small town of Yale, and a recent double murder is still unsolved, itinerant actor Michael O’Rear wins over the people of the remote Appalachian village.  Intrigued by the legend of Eli’s hidden money, Michael uses his actor’s talents and his gift to hypnotically lyrical gab to win the empathy, and then the hearts, of the three Pettit women: Rachel, alone since her husband Eli left seven years before, her daughter, Sarah, and even her distrusting older sister, Dora.  Each woman takes pleasure in Michael, whose charm and wit draw them inexorably into his play of madness---a drama of psychological horror that threatens the weak and unsuspecting.  

“Terry Kay has struck dramatically ---the word is literally chosen---with AFTER ELI.  Kay…has written a dark suspense story…[and has] a generous gift of the language.”

 -Southern Living